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Art and Healing at the Mayo Clinic

Lobby at Mayo Clinic
While visiting my father at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota this past weekend, I was impressed with the integration of original artwork and interesting architecture there. The Mayo has an impressive art collection with works covering all media, including glass chandeliers by Dale Chihuly, paintings by Jacob Lawrence, bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin, along with multiple stained glass windows and ethnographic art from cultures across Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. You can even take an art and architecture tour, self-guided with audio commentary or with a tour guide. Worth a visit if you're in the area.

Man and Freedom Ivan Mestrovic
When the Dr. William J. Mayo and his brother Dr. Charles H. Mayo opened the Mayo Clinic in 1914, they designed their building with a radical new idea: medical buildings should not only be clean and efficient but also inviting and interesting to the patients, staff and visitors. According to the Mayo Clinic's "Art and Healing" pamphlet, "Since its inception, Mayo Clinic has used art, architecture and beauty in surroundings to address the "spiritual aspects" of medical care. From the ornate interior of the original Mayo Clinic building to the use of modern art today, Mayo Clinic has always believed that restoring the mind and spirit is an important part of making the body well - and that art and science together play a role in the healing process".

A great resource for anyone interested in the connection between art and healing is the Arts & Healing Network, where they believe that art is an essential catalyst for creating positive change in the world. Their website lists current projects, artist opportunities, and links to art and healing organizations.

Stained Glass Arch at Mayo Clinic

Glass Chandelier Detail by Dale Chihuly

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